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Chris Elliott

Chief Executive Officer & Owner

Years at C1C: Since Inception
Hometown: Athens/Oconee
Yourself in three words: Dedicated, loyal, humble
Favorite Hobby: Lake time
Favorite Food :Steak
Superpower of choice: Aqua Man
Bucket list item: Hunting & Fishing in New Zealand
Favorite aspect of my job: The challenge to evolve & keep changing to the environment of construction
Special talent: Cooking
Unique Fact/trait: Raise my eyebrows & wink
Family info: Married with two kids

OFFICE: 770.212.2113 x100

Jenny Elliott

Chief Financial Officer

Years at C1C: 14
Hometown: Bremen, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Loyal, sensitive, fun
Favorite Hobby: Shopping
Favorite Foods: Anything & everything at an upscale restaurant…I am a foodie! I also love Raisin Bran Crunch & Pound Cake
Bucket List Item: Travel to each of the worlds 7 continents
Favorite Aspect of job: Working with a wonderful team of people…we're like family!
30 seconds of fame: I was on the HGTV show Lake Front Bargain Hunt & Renovations
Family Info: Married to Chris Elliott - 2 kids, Chloe & Cooper

OFFICE: 770.212.2116 x103

Tommy Michael

Chief Operating Officer

Years at C1C: 11+
Hometown: Athens, GA
Yourself in three words: Honest and transparent
Favorite Hobby: Water Sports
Favorite Candy: Reese's Cup-especially the holiday versions, more peanut butter!
Superpower of choice: Stopping Time
Bucket list item: Snowboarding in Alps
Favorite aspect of job: Relationships
Special Talent: Sarcasm
Unique fact/trait: Crazy eye color
Family Info: Married with 2 children

OFFICE: 770.212.2114 x102

Christine McCommons

Director of Business Development

Hometown: Athens, Georgia
Yourself in 3 words: Energetic, resourceful, creative
Favorite Hobby: Exercise
Favorite Candy: Gourmet Jellybeans
Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon
Super power of choice: Mind-Reading
30 seconds of fame moment: In 1999, my husband and I were the 36,000th couple to honeymoon at the Cloister on Sea Island.
Family Info: Married to Brooks; Three children - Neely, Bennett and Banks
Special talent: Working mom

PHONE: 706.206.3839

Brandi Smith

Administrative Director

Years at C1C: 4
Hometown: Villa Rica, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Lover of life
Favorite Hobby: Live music
Favorite aspect of my job: Working with a great team
Special Talent: Fluent in Sarcasm
30 seconds of fame moment: Once tried out for reality show ``Big Brother``…spoiler alert: didn't make the cut.
Family info: Happily married for 18 years with a 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter.

OFFICE: 770.456.9660 x105

Tom Womble

Executive Vice President of Construction

Years at C1C: 9.5
Hometown: Winston, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Dedicated, determined, dependable
Favorite Hobby: Watching my daughter play softball & golf
Superpower of choice: Superman
Bucket list item: Traveling with my wife
Favorite aspect of job: working with clients, coordinating & working thru issues

OFFICE: 770.212.2137 x110

Pope Cleghorn

Executive Vice President of Construction

Years at C1C: 3.5
Hometown: Villa Rica, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Work in Progress
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Candy/Treat: Dark Chocolate
Superpower of choice: To Fly
Bucket list item: Travel to Rome, Italy
Favorite aspect of my job: Problem Solving
Family Life: Wife, Married 22 years. One son who attends the University of Georgia

OFFICE: 770.212.2127 x125

James Mobley

Project Manager

Years at C1C: 3
Hometown: Bowden, GA
Yourself in three words: To the point
Favorite hobby: Coaching baseball
Favorite cereal: Coco Pebbles
Special talent: Professional cornhole player

OFFICE: 770.212.2134 x121

Joe Benefield

Project Manager

Years at C1C: 2 months
Hometown: Lake City, FL
Yourself in 3 words: Lives to build
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Food: Deep fried standing rib roast
Superpower of Choice: Telekinesis
Bucket list item: Sail around the world
Favorite aspect of my job: Challenges presented with the variety of locales
Special Talent: Culinary skills
Unique fact/trait: Bilingual-Spanish
Family info: Three grown children: 2 daughters, 1 son

OFFICE: 770.769.2173 x137

William Perla Jr

Project Manager

Years at C1C: 3
Hometown: Dallas, GA
Favorite Hobby: Soccer, hitting up garage sales
Favorite Cereal: Captain Crunch
Superpower of choice: Teleportation
Bucket List item: Participate in the Running of the Bulls in Spain
Favorite aspect of my job: Being a part of a project from beginning to end. Seeing the finished product.

OFFICE: 770.212.2165 x116

Timothy Hill

Project Engineer

Years at C1C: 4.5
Hometown: Augusta, GA
Favorite Hobby: Golf

OFFICE: 770.212.2118 x104

Joshua ``Josh`` Bush

Project Engineer

Years at C1C: 6 months
Hometown: Watkinsville, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Nerdy, outdoorsy, simple
Favorite Hobby: SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism
Favorite Candy Bar: Milky Way
Bucket List Item: Travel to all 7 continents
Favorite aspect of my job: Work environment
Claim to Fame: Headed up a student group in high school that helped raised and donated $24,000 for Relay for Life
Special Talent: Can read, speak and write in German Wunderbar!
Family Info: Mother, Nancy Bush. Brother, Chris Elliott. Sister, Carmie Bush. Too many aunts, uncles and cousins to name!

OFFICE: 770.212.2190 x133

Rob Hurd

Quality Control & Safety

Years at C1C: 7
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Yourself in 3 words: Follower of Christ
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite aspect of job: Interacting with all the different people
Special talent: Aggravating, trash talking
Unique fact/trait: I was born sinner but I've been saved by Grace
Family Life: Married to my high school sweetheart for 47 years. 1 son, 2 grandchildren-Laney & Branson. 1 daughter, 3 grandchildren-Georgia, Hayes, Pierce

CELL: 407.451.4794

Marisa Brown

Contract Administrator

Years at C1C: 7
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Bucket List Item: Travel to Ireland & Italy
Super Power of Choice: Superhuman Strength
Favorite Aspect of my job: I love paperwork…seriously
Claim to Fame: You can see the back of my head on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

OFFICE: 770.456.9660 x113

John Adams

Pre-Construction Manager

Years at C1C: 6+
Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Yourself in 3 words: Loyal, Helpful, Driven
Favorite Hobby: Fishing & Golf
Favorite Food: Sub Sandwiches and Chips
Superpower of choice: Fly
Bucket List Item: Surfing in Australia
Favorite aspect of my job: The people I work with and building new relationships
Special Talent: Violin and Guitar
Unique fact/trait: Share the same birthday with my wife
Family info: Husband, Father of two beautiful girls

OFFICE: 770.212.2130 x107

Matt Pointer

Project Coordinating Supervisor

Years at C1C: 4
Hometown: Temple, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Honest, reliable, outgoing
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Candy: White Chocolate KitKat
Super power of choice: The ability to fly
Bucket List Item: Trip to Bora Bora
Favorite aspect of job: daily interactions with C1C co-workers/contractors/clients
30 seconds of fame moment: As a freshman in high school, I was on the news & in the newspaper in the first football game I had ever played in. (5 touchdowns #BEASTMODE)
Family Info: Divorced and a proud father of a 15 year old daughter

OFFICE: 770.212.2125 x131

Makinzi ``Kinzi`` Darby

Bid Coordinator

Years at C1C: 1
Hometown: Canton, GA
Youself in three words: Outgoing, optimistic, obliging
Favorite Hobby: Watching baseball, football or basketball
Favorite Food: Mexican
Superpower of Choice: Telepathy
Bucket list item: Skydiving
Favorite aspect of my job: The environment I work in keeps me motivated
Family Info: I was raised by my mother, Kelly, and stepfather, James. I have 3 brothers, Chase, Tate and Rylee, who are my entire world.

OFFICE: 770.212.2157 x132

Jamie Olvey

Vice President of Facility Maintenance

Years at C1C: 1
Hometown: Bremen, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Determined, Driven, Quick witted
Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Cereal: Frosted Flakes
Bucket List Item: Golf in Ireland
Favorite aspect of my job: Each day is different
30 seconds of Fame moment or Claim to Fame: Played baseball on TV
Special Talent: Ambidextrous
Unique fact/trait: Played baseball in college
Family info: Married with 3 daughters, 18, 15, 11

CELL: 678-956-4674

Gary Robinson

Vice President of Facility Maintenance

Years at C1C: 7
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Yourself in 3 words: Talker, talker, talker
Favorite Hobby: Fishing, hunting, bragging
Favorite Candy: Sour patch kids
Superpower of choice: X-ray vision
Bucket List Item: ZR-1
What I like most about job: Being able to help my client in a jamb when no else can
Claim to fame: Every day in facilities is a claim to fame when everything has to be done yesterday
Special talent: Bragging & talking
Unique fact/trait: I am cute
Family Info: I have 5 grandchildren that keep me active

OFFICE: 770.212.2139 x112
CELL: 404.427.0019

Anne Robinson

Facility Maintenance Administrator

Years at C1C: 2 years
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Family Life: Married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren

Aaron Hefty

Facility Maintenance Project Manager

Years at C1C: 8 months
Hometown: Dunwoody, GA
Yourself in three words: Hefty, hefty, hefty
Favorite hobby: Hunting
Favorite food: Bananas
Superpower of choice: Flying
Bucket list item: See a Major League Baseball game in every ballpark
Favorite aspect of my job: I like helping situations get fixed
Special Talent: I like to sing
Unique fact: I once got 3rd place in a 5k in college
Family info: I have 2 sons and 1 daughter

OFFICE: 770.847.7324 x1034

Selena Miahnahri

Accounts Payable

Years at C1C: 2 months
Hometown: Born and raised in Mableton, GA but I now reside in Villa Rica, GA
Yourself in three words: Enjoying the journey
Favorite Hobby: I love to cook/bake
Family Info: I have been with my husband, Michael, for 15 years. We have a 12 year old son named Ezra and a 10 year daughter named Leila. As a family we stay busy with plenty of activities including soccer, running club and we also enjoy attending our church. We also love to vacation, our favorite spot is the beach.

OFFICE: 770.456.9660 x109

Dana Hardy

Administrative Assistant

Name: Dana Hardy
Years at C1C: 4
Title: Administrative Assistant
Hometown: Dallas, GA
Favorite Hobby: Kayaking/Camping
Favorite Foods: Coffee & Chocolate
Bucket List Item: To travel to Alaska & Ireland and spend lots of time on the beach
Favorite Aspect of job: I love the variety. Every day is different and I get to interact with such a varied group of people working for the same goal. Everyone is a pleasure to work with/family atmosphere

OFFICE: 770.456.9660 x115

Allison Robinson


Years at C1C: 7
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Favorite Hobby: Weightlifting
Family Info: Married with 3 sons

OFFICE: 770.983.6178 x119

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