Caliber 1 Construction delivers projects on every scale - from big box retailers, department stores, and shopping malls to specialty shops and boutiques.


Our experts map out your project well in advance, creating the long lead times needed to coordinate supplies and service providers for maximum efficiency.  Comprehensive schedules and mutual accountability eliminate delays and improve response time if the unexpected occurs.


 We understand the unique challenges of building in the retail environment, especially when remodeling multiple locations. With effective planning, you can update your brand image and still maintain an active revenue stream with minimum impact on your sales operations.


The design of professional and medical offices is often dictated by the unique blend of services offered.


The collaborative nature of the Caliber 1 design and management team allows each client/owner to take an active role throughout project development. Far from a one-size-fits-most approach, our philosophy requires a thorough understanding of each client’s needs, budget, and time constraints, allowing us to create optimum value solutions.


If your project requires installation of specialty equipment or structures, we’ll coordinate with your other service providers to ensure work progresses smoothly and according to schedule.


Within the four walls of any successful restaurant, you’ll find two contrasting environments: a bright, hectic kitchen on one side and a fun, inviting dining area on the other. Restaurant managers and wait staff must be able to travel effortlessly from one side to the other without disrupting the balance.


You’ll have a Caliber 1 team of specialists who understand how a thriving restaurant works from the ground up. Our meticulous attention to detail and entrepreneurial-minded design process will help you create a unique dining experience while maximizing the profit potential of every available square-foot.


Quality childcare providers become a trusted family resource. With Caliber 1, you can build a beautiful childcare facility that keeps kids safe and parents happy.


Complying with building codes and strict safety regulations is only the beginning. With our nationwide network of suppliers and contractors, you’ll have access to highly trained specialists and craftsmen. We will help you create a childcare center filled with durable, easy-clean equipment throughout the classrooms, food prep areas, and playgrounds.


Adaptive planning, effective communication, and on-site quality control keep your project on time and within budget while ensuring the excellence of the final product.


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